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Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

There are now more solar equipment manufacturers than ever before. With so many various solar brand names competing for your service, knowing which company to select can result in rather a headache. Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

You should see a solar power system as a financial investment, so you should select components that are actually durable enough to hold up against the test of time.

Not just do you wish to make sure you are choosing premium pieces of equipment that will last, but you also wish to ensure that each piece of solar equipment you buy can really carry out as marketed.

Your entire solar power system is just as strong as its weakest component. There is no sense in running a high-capacity deep cycle solar battery if the solar panels it is linked to are inefficient and battle to produce a significant quantity of power.

To assist you select devices that you can trust, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the most widely known brand names in the individual solar equipment industry.

We will start by taking a look at the company’s origins and where it is heading, then focus on its reputation and the total quality of its products and customer service.

Analyzing the Renogy brand and its product line will help us decide whether this significant player in the solar industry is all it is cracked up to be. Whether you are brand-new to solar or have actually been using it for several years, understanding which brand names to trust is extremely beneficial!

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Who Are Renogy and What Do They Do? Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

The Renogy brand was founded in 2010 as a small-scale task by a group of trainees from Louisiana State University. With the help of grants and the assistance of the Louisiana Company and Innovation Center, the founders got their renewable resource start-up off the ground.

The present CEO and one of the company’s creators, Yi Li went on to earn a Ph.D. in Physics from Louisiana State University.

Yi Li and the other members of Renogy’s management team stay committed to the company’s original goal of empowering individuals by offering them with DIY-friendly renewable resource items that can help them achieve energy independence.

To reach this objective, Renogy offers a wide array of economical solar products. While their variety of solar panels is certainly their bestsellers, the brand likewise uses cost effective charge controllers, power inverters, deep cycle solar batteries, and complete solar packages.

Renogy 15,000 mAh Review

With relatively fast charging speeds, the Renogy 15,000 mAh is a capable, compact panel that keeps devices going over a long weekend or when traveling.

We liked this panel for traveling, as it suits our carry-on baggage quickly and kept our phone charged when we were away from power outlets in the airport or train station. We also discovered it handy to use when traveling abroad, considering that it got rid of the requirement to discover a converter for a power outlet.

Charge Interruption Recovery

This ranking metric is a bit difficult to apply to little battery packs with incorporated panels, like the 15,000.

To attempt to use this battery pack as you would, a standard solar battery charger would result in frustration, as a 2W panel does not have the exact same charging capabilities as a 40W panel.

One would require to leave this battery pack in the sun for a couple of hours to see it get a significant amount of re-charge using solar.

When able to overlook for hours, we discovered it finest to trickle charge the 15,000 through the power of the sun. Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

When taking this approach, charge disturbance isn’t a problem since your gadget will always be getting power from the battery itself, which is, in turn, getting filled up from the sun.

If only relying on solar, this panel does not do terrific with periodic shading due to its little size and low wattage.

Charging Speed

The maker recommends over 75 hours of sun direct exposure to charge this battery. This info is good to remember when considering the Renogy, as solar is actually more of a back-up approach of charging.

We found it best to charge the battery at home totally and then rely on solar energy to trickle charge our gadgets when out and about.

That said, the Renogy does charge quite quickly, and it charged up our Google Pixel 3 phone from 0% to 23% in thirty minutes; we also got five full charges out of the Renogy before draining pipes the battery.

This percent increase is in fact higher than the battery loads we have actually tested with an even larger capability.

This contrast demonstrates that the Renogy is not just highly efficient and powerful but can hold up versus larger battery packs.

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Several Gadget Charging Speed

With 15,000 mAh of power, the 15,000 from Renogy has no trouble charging two gadgets simultaneously, as long as the battery is mainly full. We had the ability to charge our Pixel 3 and a Kindle a good amount over a half-hour period.

This is yet another plus to utilizing an integrated solar panel/battery pack given that these small gadgets are actually able to successfully charge multiple gadgets simultaneously.

Typically, even large capability panels (20-40 watts), that rely completely on solar can have a hard time to deliver sufficient juice to effectively charge multiple gadgets simultaneously.

Durability Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

We were impressed with the toughness and building and construction of the Renogy. The hard plastics utilized in the building appear to be a little bit less resilient than the battery packs that are enclosed in soft silicone.

That stated, we had no problems when it came to the toughness of this panel, even when leaving it in the sun for hours.

We’ve evaluated Renogy products for years now, and have actually found that they are normally properly designed and developed to last. Some of our previous award winners for durability came from this company.

Plus, if you have problems with any of their devices, they have a one year guarantee and a robust client service page on their website.

Weight and Portability

It is in this metric that the 15,000 stands out against its competitors. Typically, these battery loads, particularly when they have such a big capability like the Renogy, tend to be extremely heavy.

This can make it difficult to justify even bring them around town. Why include another 2 pounds to your backpack if it’s not needed? Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

The Renogy is the lightest of the three battery pack/solar chargers in this review. Its total weight is 9.5 ounces, which makes it light by all standards, battery pack or not.

It combines exceptional output power with a light-weight, smooth profile, making it our go-to for a battery pack with an incorporated solar panel.


The 15,000 is an affordable investment if you are trying to find a battery pack. We would recommend buying this product if you intend on fully charging it inside and utilizing the photovoltaic panel as a trickle-charge function. Don’t buy this panel expecting it to charge your devices in the sun at a quick rate.

Compared to larger-capacity solar panels and the other battery pack charge systems in this evaluation, the Renogy is a really reasonably priced device. The other battery loads we have actually evaluated tend to come with a greater price and have actually received lower scores across the board in our side-by-side tests.


Its basic style, charging ability, and low overall weight makes the Renogy 15,000 our go-to for a small, portable battery/panel mix, as it kept our gadgets charged on train rides and in the airport.

If you are a regular traveler, you understand that looking for an outlet can be a discomfort. When access to power was difficult to discover, we got hooked on having the Renogy in our bag to keep our phones charged.

This panel is also light enough that we might even see taking into the backcountry on weekend trips to keep video cameras and phones topped up.

Like the other battery pack/panels in this review, it takes a considerable amount of time (over five hours) to see any increase in battery level using only the photovoltaic panels, but it is effective to trickle charge gadgets with the panel in the sun.

It is also fairly priced and long lasting and is our advised option for a battery/solar charging combination. Renogy 72000Mah Laptop Power Bank Manual

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